One-On-One Coaching

"She transformed me from someone who was downplaying my abilities and experience into a person who was confident in myself and what I could offer the organization."

-SW, Membership & Volunteer Director

 "Lyn has great powers of empathy, and an outstanding ability to listen deeply - and ask the right question at the right time to promote alternative thoughts and options."

- CP, Interior Design

"It has been a couple of years since I worked with Lyn and I still find myself using practices that she taught me then. I wouldn't be who I am today without the work I did with her."

- DJ, What's Working

"Lyn's wisdom was greatly appreciated as I had not worked with a strong, non-judgmental, intelligent female leader - ever before in my life. Her groundedness was calming and comforting. I felt heard, and that my time with her mattered."

-AD, Development Director


My approach to coaching, known as Integral Coaching®, is holistic. It involves looking at all aspects of a client’s life - both inner and outer. Developed by New Ventures West, this model, which incorporates both centuries-old Eastern traditions and contemporary Western cognitive and behavioral science, follows a structured, results oriented methodology.
One-on-one coaching is not formulaic and is always customized to meet your individual needs and where you are in life. The Integral Coaching ® approach I use, however, provides a model for a systematic approach that includes a Developmental Plan with the following components:
  • Purpose and Outcomes – We draft a mutually agreed upon roadmap that lays out your goals, details what you want to achieve, and identifies how you'll know when you’ve reached your goals.
  • Current and New Narratives – This part of this process reveals the metaphor you now live by and invites you into a new possibility of who you can become.
  • Experiential Learning – Engages you in readings, practices, self reflections, self observations and exercises tailored for your optimum development as well as your schedule.
  • Applied Learning – Integrates your plan and learning into the actual work or personal domains or your life.
  • In Between Sessions – Supports your progress with contact as needed, such as short calls, emails and/or text messages.
My role, as a coach, is to help you set and achieve your own professional and personal goals -- goals that are based on what matters to you. Through the process, you learn to be self- correcting and self-generating, putting you in the position to be the go-to expert in your own life.

In general terms, you can anticipate the following outcomes from our work together:

  • Achieve your goals professionally and personally.
  • Gain a better understanding of yourself and others.
  • ​Build new skills and competencies.
  • ​​Generate your own solutions to ensure continued and sustained growth.
  • Develop an awareness of your body to assist you in achieving your goals.
  • ​​Establish greater vision for your journey.