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Invaluable guidance

Lyn has been my Executive Coach for the last 6 or 7 years. The length of this relationship is a testament to the value she’s provided. She’s also gone above and beyond which is something I’ve observed in her relationships with others. Not only has her guidance been invaluable to me, she has been a

Fred Leviton, President & CEO

Situational Analysis and Deep Introspection

Lyn has been my personal business coach and has also coached our business team in group sessions over the past several years.  Besides being well trained, extremely intelligent, and intuitive, she is an amazing listener. Lyn has always been able to ask the most appropriate questions and follow up with a summary and potential actions.

Loretta Zapp

Authentic Support

Lyn continuously provides me with authentic support while working on my blindspots and challenges ahead. She is insightful and caring. And being with Lyn is always fun and energizing! I believe Lyn is an incredible

Gerard Jara

A Talent for Deep Listening

Lyn has a talent for deep listening and seeing into the heart of the issue. She has been instrumental in helping me clarify my direction and unearth my obstacles. Her compassionate and direct observations helped me to open to my truth, honestly accept and witness my strengths, and take consistent action toward my goals. After

Kim Kita

Working with Lyn has been Invaluable

Working with Lyn over the past 3 years has been invaluable.  I have not only become a better leader but a better person. I could not have navigated the past 3 years without her counsel and

Kristen Borrego
Director Outsourced Consulting Services, a Denver based nonprofit providing workforce services

A powerhouse of a coach

Lyn is a powerhouse of a coach, and a wise, wise, woman with a ginormous heart. She has vast life experience that she pulls from in her beautifully wild way. When I started working with Lyn I was straight up floundering. As a female Corporate Senior Account Executive turned Wilderness Therapist and Guide, I was

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