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The Leadership Circle

The Leadership Circle Profile™ is a unique and comprehensive 360-degree leadership assessment tool designed for individual leaders within an organization. Like Integral Coaching®, The Leadership Circle Profile takes the whole person into account. The Leadership Circle is competency based and also measures the inner and the outer aspects of leadership so that you are better able to understand your behavior and areas for development. You’ll get feedback on emerging and established leadership strengths as well as areas for growth and what supports or hinders your leadership effectiveness.

With The Leadership Circle Profile, you’ll better understand

  • Who you are
  • What behaviors drive you
  • What lies in your way

What will contribute to your

  • growth
  • development
  • effective leadership

The Leadership Circle Profile has two layers of analysis:

Leadership Competencies — the 18 competencies shown to be the most critical behaviors and skill sets that lead to high achievement leadership.

Internal Assumptions – the 11 internal assumptions which determine much of our behavior and reflect inner beliefs that limit effectiveness, authentic expression and leadership empowerment.

The theoretical underpinnings of the Leadership Circle synthesize psychological, character structure and developmental frameworks. It goes beyond the typical assessment of behavior competency so that greater change and lasting transformation occurs.

With The Leadership Circle Profile, we’ll work with an outcome-creating structure based on results and vision orientation, instead of a typical problem solving approach. Actions will focus on recognizing and acting upon what matters most and confronting the belief structures that get in our way.

The Leadership Circle Mission:
  • We exist to evolve the conscious practice of leadership,
  • To steward the planet,
  • And to awaken us all to our inherent unity.

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Leadership Circle Profile