One-on-One Coaching

I follow a powerful and comprehensive methodology known as Integral Coaching ®. This holistic model involves all aspects of one’s self.

In one-­on-­one coaching, we examine various domains of your life — your habits, relationships, history, and physical environment — to achieve a full understanding of your world and how you interact with it.

This lays the foundation for engaging in the alchemy of dynamic and deep professional and personal growth.


Creativity in Business

I also offer focused, intensive workshops, which can be customized for business teams or individuals.

They are:

  • Creativity in Business, designed for groups, this workshop is based on a hugely popular course originally taught at Stanford Graduate School of Business.
  • Creative Insight Journey, a variation of Creativity in Business, offered to individuals and non business professionals.



Change Management

The Immunity to Change™ workshop is offered for business teams in small group formats as well as individuals in personalized coaching sessions.

Like trying to drive with your foot on the break, competing forces hold you back. Overcoming "immunity to change" is the objective of this work.

Immunity to Change™ shows you how you get in your own way, and, most importantly how to get out of your own way.


Leadership Assessments

The Leadership Circle provides comprehensive leadership assessments for individuals, groups and organizations.

The Leadership Circle Profile™ assesses who you are as a leader, what behaviors drive you and what will contribute to your growth, development and effective leadership.

The Leadership Culture Survey™ is an assessment tool for leadership teams to entire organizations and shows how the current culture is viewed and the opportunities for growth and change

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