Creativity in Business

Creativity in Business

“Creative Insight Journey” was invaluable in allowing me to appreciate how creative I truly am and recognize how I’ve expressed creativity in my life.”

– Carol Batrus, Management Consultant, Have you ever thought about how to become the artist of your own life?

Creativity in Business is a unique leadership development workshop that helps you gain better access to those qualities that foster creativity and learn skills for removing barriers that get in the way of achieving your goals.Creativity in Business is based on the course by that name that was taught by Professor Michael Ray* at Stanford University. This wildly popular course has been called “the most profoundly life changing course taught at Stanford Graduate School of Business” (Jim Collins, author Good to Great). “If at first you don’t succeed, something is blocking your way.” -Michael Ray  

I offer two formats for business teams and individuals:

Creativity in Business for business teams in customized workshop settings

  • Lead from inner wisdom and creativity
  • Experience greater creativity, productivity and efficiency
  • Build stronger and more cohesive teams
  • Develop competence and skill sets to remove obstacles
  • Achieve a breakthrough goal

Creative Insight Journey for individuals through personalized coaching sessions

  • Acquire new tools and strategies for accessing your creativity
  • Learn how to remove blockages to personal creativity, passion and vision
  • Identify new possibilities and broaden your perspectives
  • Discover unpredictable insights and inspiration
  • Deepen your understanding and commitment to what really matters

“This class has re-defined what creativity is to me.”Huge awareness of the Voice of Judgment, mine and others…””….To be gentler on myself and toward others.””…I am creative and have always been even though I did not think I was…””…How to be inside of a life transition for the amount of time it takes…””I’m wiser and more integrated.””I’m more fully me.” “You teach what you most need to learn.”
​ -Richard David Bach Creativity in Business and Creative Insight Journey are aligned with Integral Coaching ®, requiring deep personal exploration and development to find and unleash inner creativity. They are based on the beliefs that:

  • Everyone is creative.
  • Creativity is essential for leadership, happiness, health and success.
  • Creativity is often blocked by fear, judgment and the inner critic.
  • Everyone has his or her own unique gifts, experiences and talents.

We’ll work with Tools that are time tested and help to build awareness, explore Competencies and confront Challenges that we all commonly experience. Theory is supported by coaching, experiential learning and practices called “Live With’s” that will be applied in your work and in your life.

*Michael Ray, dubbed by Fast Company magazine, as “the most creative man in Silicon Valley”, spoke on the premise of the course: “we wanted people to experience their inner wisdom and authority and the connection they had with all beings”.