A powerhouse of a coach

Lyn is a powerhouse of a coach, and a wise, wise, woman with a ginormous heart. She has vast life experience that she pulls from in her beautifully wild way. When I started working with Lyn I was straight up floundering. As a female Corporate Senior Account Executive turned Wilderness Therapist and Guide, I was going through monumental personal and professional transitions. I had no idea who I was and doubted myself immensely. I didn’t think I was capable or deserving of the life I truly wanted. Lyn met me exactly where I was, heart open, called me on my shit, and helped me to clarify my purpose, and live my greatest potential. Lyn has supported me through some of the most difficult times in my life. Without her, I would still be in the same dead-end job, lost, lonely, floundering. Now, I feel way more worthy and aligned with who I am and the life I deserve. Lyn helped me find my voice, my center, and the fierceness to go after what I want.