Lyn has a remarkable way to create a space of intimacy that is both uplifting and critical for a great coaching partnership to succeed. She also has a range of experiences that helped me challenge my assumptions and build new dimensions to explore. One day I could be asking advice about the corporate world, the other day about the intricacies of my inner world…and thanks to her diverse background, she could easily span in both sides of this spectrum and being equally impactful. That blend, together with her presences, is what allowed us to build trust quickly and spend most of our time in the most transformative place: deepening my authenticity.
– Ana Gamborena | Director of Business Partners | Microsoft | Age 35

Lyn is the best coach I have worked with. Her patient listening, laser mind, and deep compassion provide a powerful basis for personal growth. Regardless of the focus of the work, she has tools that are appropriate and yield great results that last. It has been a couple of years since I worked with her and I still find myself using practices that she has taught me then. I wouldn’t be who I am today without the work I did with her.
– David Johnson | President | What’s Working

Lyn and I worked together for about a year – and as the saying goes, “What a difference a year can make!” She took my whole life and put the past-present-future into perspective; traveling back into the past of my life and three careers, and guiding the shape of my future (life and 4th career). It has been a fun (with a lot of hard work on my part) and fantastic journey made possible by an outstanding coach. Lyn has great powers of empathy, and an outstanding ability to listen deeply – and ask the right questions at the right time to promote alternative thoughts and options. She brought to light and awareness my deepest needs and wants, and as her company name implies, “What Matters”. Indeed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Lyn.
-Cynthia Peacock, ASID | Peacock Interior Design | 60 years strong

I found working with Lyn was unique in that her tracking of my history, experiences, and emotions was always spot on, in fact impressive. She had an ability to bring issues full circle and I could see how my behaviors or reactions were related. It seemed she could keep track of the details while also still seeing the big picture. Also, Lyn’s wisdom was greatly appreciated as I had not worked with a strong, non-judgmental, intelligent female leader – ever before in my life. Her groundedness was calming and comforting. I felt heard, and that my time with her mattered.
-A.D. | Development Director | Age 35

I first met Lyn when I was taking an Authentic Leadership Certificate Program at the Naropa Institute. Lyn was one of the core coaches for the program, and we were matched up for four months of coaching. I’m a face to face kind of person, and I was initially a bit skeptical about the effectiveness of telephone coaching; however, within the first 30 minutes I was fully on board and captivated by Lyn’s approach. Lyn has a talent for deep listening and seeing to the heart of thing. Week after week, she was able to help me clarify my direction and unearth my obstacles. Our sessions extended well beyond traditional leadership coaching and into the realms of personal, social, and wellness coaching, arguably the foundation for effective leadership. Lyn’s compassionate and direct observations helped me to open to my truth, to honestly accept and witness my strengths, and to take action toward my goals. The benefits of coaching are still unfolding in my personal and professional lives. Most tangibly, I was promoted into a new and challenging role, on a project that completely matches my passion and strengths. I believe that Lyn’s coaching was elemental to my increase in confidence, and that is what allowed me to be “seen” for this new job. I continue to appreciate Lyn’s wisdom and perspectives and I highly recommend her as a coach.
Kim Kita | Director of Special Projects & Partnerships – Colorado State University | Age 42

Before attending Lyn’s course, I would not have described myself as a creative person. I envied creative people: people who could paint, draw, write, play music and such. Over time my desire to be/feel creative grew along with my frustration as my beliefs limited expression and acknowledgment of my innate creativity. “Creative Insight Journey” was invaluable in allowing me to appreciate how creative I truly am and recognize how I’ve expressed creativity in my life. I learned about blocks to expressing creativity and methods for removing/healing those blocks. Since completing the course I can state, without reservation, that I believe I am creative. I can and do express creative aspects of myself more fluidly and with greater confidence and joy. I now act on those glimmers of inspiration that bubble up when least expected.
– C.B. | Management Consultant | Age 62

I just got my dream job and the first person I called to tell was my coach, Lyn. I wanted to thank her for everything she did to support me in getting this job – from reviewing my cover letter and resume to prepping me for the interview, Lyn was there every step of the way. She transformed me from someone who was downplaying my abilities and experience into a person who was confident in myself and what I could offer the organization.This is just one example of the kind of coaching Lyn offers – we’ve had other sessions where we’ve talked about projects I’m working on, difficult colleagues and authentic leadership. Lyn is direct, insightful, engaged, knowledgeable and supportive.
– Shelly Webb | Member & Volunteer Director; Shambhala Center | Age 44

Lyn offers grounded and practical information delivered with nurturing and supportive inquiry. She is kind and gentle, but can be firm and dynamic when the situation warrants. She is a powerful ally when facing business or personal challenges, providing encouraging guidance to empower yourself in your creative journey. I recommend her highly!
-Mindy Green | President/Founder; Green Scentsations | Age 61