Emergenetics® Workshops

The Emergenetics® Workshops will help you not only improve your understanding of yourself, but you’ll also have a better understanding of your team members and how you interact with one another. Create better strategies to strengthen your awareness and your connections.  Emergenetics Workshops are for teams and individuals There are many different “personality” assessments available.  I… Continue reading Emergenetics® Workshops

Immunity to Change™ Workshop

The Immunity to Change™ workshop is for business teams in small group formats as well as for individuals in personalized coaching sessions. Immunity to Change™ shows you how you get in your own way, and, most importantly how to get out of your own way. We work with the Guide to Immunity to Change™ Exercise… Continue reading Immunity to Change™ Workshop


Understand both your thinking and behavioral leadership styles The best leaders are leaders that truly know themselves.  Emergenetics® for individuals and corporate teams provides a straight-forward and easy to understand methodology that does just that, helps leaders to know who they are, how they think and how they behave.  Founded on modern brain science and… Continue reading Emergenetics®

Are you ready for coaching?

Recently, a colleague and I were sharing that we prefer working with clients who are READY for coaching.  That got me thinking, what does that readiness really mean to me and to my clients?  How do I know, how do you know, if you are ready? I think it comes down to whether you have… Continue reading Are you ready for coaching?

The Leadership Circle

The Leadership Circle Profile™ is a unique and comprehensive 360-degree leadership assessment tool designed for individual leaders within an organization. Like Integral Coaching®, The Leadership Circle Profile takes the whole person into account. The Leadership Circle is competency based and also measures the inner and the outer aspects of leadership so that you are better… Continue reading The Leadership Circle

The Intersection of your Inner Critic, Feedback and Power

To be a good leader, it’s important to be able to access and bring forth the optimal qualities needed in the moment – on a continuum from strength and power to passion and heart. But for many leaders, this clarity is not attainable because too many self-limiting standards and beliefs get in their way.  … Continue reading The Intersection of your Inner Critic, Feedback and Power

Creativity in Business

“Creative Insight Journey” was invaluable in allowing me to appreciate how creative I truly am and recognize how I’ve expressed creativity in my life.” – Carol Batrus, Management Consultant, Have you ever thought about how to become the artist of your own life? Creativity in Business is a unique leadership development workshop that helps you… Continue reading Creativity in Business

Get your self out of your way

Lead or Follow but get your “self” (and your inner critic) out of the way You are your most important leadership tool.  Whether you put forward your small “self” i.e. your personality or your ego self, or your “Self”, your higher self, is the most important determinant of whether you are leading well or not… Continue reading Get your self out of your way

See Your Inner Critic

Your inner critic sees you…do you see your inner critic? If you have a personality…you have an inner critic. One thing that is true for all of us, is that we all have one.  If we have a personality, we have an inner critic and, while we don’t come in with one, we certainly come… Continue reading See Your Inner Critic

Immunity to Change

You know it’s impossible to drive with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake. But that’s what it feels like when you try to change behaviors. You come up against your inability to make change — let alone sustain — the change. This can happen despite our good intentions. Change management… Continue reading Immunity to Change