See Your Inner Critic

Your inner critic sees you…do you see your inner critic? If you have a personality…you have an inner critic. One thing that is true for all of us, is that we all have one.  If we have a personality, we have an inner critic and, while we don’t come in with one, we certainly come… Continue reading See Your Inner Critic

Immunity to Change

You know it’s impossible to drive with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake. But that’s what it feels like when you try to change behaviors. You come up against your inability to make change — let alone sustain — the change. This can happen despite our good intentions. Change management… Continue reading Immunity to Change

Integral Coaching®

My approach to coaching, known as Integral Coaching®, is holistic. It involves looking at all aspects of a client’s life – both inner and outer. Developed by New Ventures West, this model, which incorporates both centuries-old Eastern traditions and contemporary Western cognitive and behavioral science, follows a structured, results oriented methodology. One-on-one coaching is not formulaic and… Continue reading Integral Coaching®